The biscuits tasted sweet.
He dearly missed that of ignorance of youth.Youth itself is a mirage!How blissfully it wraps a person into a delusion of power.Makes one feel that they can Understand and Change anything.Everything.After all Everything is either in the in the absolute right or wrong.Black or white.

He popped another biscuit in his mouth.Too sweet.

Things change and the universe forces a person to acknowledge unpleasant things.Makes you admit of all kinds of realities and see that there are no absolute no rights and wrongs.No abrupt ends to stories and People are in the varying shades of gray.

The aftertaste in his mouth was tinged with bitterness.



Let’s bite our nails

And paint them blue!

Pull together our shit and dance to stoner rock tunes.                                   in the earliest parts of nights..       when skies still have that purple hue. Let the stars witness,

how we ruin ourselves anew            

Like a sponge Drunk on secondhand misery,.                                                   Girl I wonder;

why have I become young

at youth’s dying..?

How much of us..

do these concrete jungles define?

Why did I wake up

 in the deadliest of colds?

Why is this moon waxing

at the instances,all wrong!

It’s too late,It’s been late for ages now..                                                           So Just shut up already and clap for others..                                                   Cause the world’s not your stage!

Not yours to hold.. Anymore.

Honey it’s not us,                                         It’s our memories.                                     that have become decades old.

-Syeda Maham Nayyer