Lone-Stines Day 😂😂

We are the Lone-Stines..

    Neither four nor teens…😂

    We are a bit amused at the ‘hitched’

    Their workings seem a little sci-fi.

    A candy coated Barbie gurl and a six-packs owing tycoon guy!

    Dramatic Scenarios like Starplus,

    Oh God in heavens above,Why!!

    Teddy bears floating in waterworks..

    No sir we  definitely don’t envy you (and that’s not a smirk)😂

    A day where singles freely post …

    (With out the fear of being labeled Tharki)

    On as to why 

    They can’t get that pyaari Larki

    Unlike popular assumptions:

    We are not increasing our carbon foot print..

    by blowing our off centered noses on a multiple tissue..


    Or go on chocolate eating binges…

    To land ourselves in premature diabetes’s issue.

    So whatever way,you spend your day..  you’re a winner!

    Kyun k ‘Valetine’ day’s is waisay b a saccharine coated commercial trap dear..

    Be smart,Use your head..Waisey b red is not your color to wear.

    Tauba Tauba,

    Don’t be a vile sinner 🙊😂


    I have a HUGE test on Friday

    No.Get Lost
    No.Get Lost


    So I have this intehaaai big pharmacology viva on Friday and by huge I mean it includes the whole course.Naturally.I mean can’t I have ever a NORMAL weekend like the rest of normal Homo sapien population (Like the one that does not include any sort of exams). No,I guess that’s too much to ask 😀 .So about this test;let us see how the land lies for the Radical blogger….

    1. The professors are really evil sweet
    2. I have THREEE (pun intended) days to memorize the entire course.
    3. Thee radical blogger is not prepared at all!!!!!!!(well no surprises there)…
    4. Plus my my mom thinks that I am going ace this test (Dear ammi,I am more like an ACE inhibitor)
    5. Bullet four was a medical joke
    6. I am a goner.

    So if you are wondering what this PHARMACOLOGY thingie is……you are lucky man….no seriously you are *gives you that Scooby Doo’s creepy guy’s signature look* 

    You cutie.
    You cutie.

    Pharmey is a study of doom,torture and tears  medicines.On a serious note it is a pretty important subject and I would have liked it if it weren’t so volatile.It’s like depicting ancient Runes.


    I should really start studying now..

    I have a HUGE test on Friday

    A Flight Of Imagination



    All this self isolation
    is my choice
    but loneliness used to haunt haunt me,

    fill me up with apprehensions

    The vines of depression
    Will engulf my soul.

    I can see it drifting away,
    to the remote seas
    and impregnable mountains,

    My thoughts will end up in void
    or may be..
    they’ll hang in the air
    as echoes of a suppressed voice
    never sought after….

    Why is it so difficult
    to relate?
    As I scribble this sad note
    A voice reminds me
    at the back of my head.

    That all this static,
    pause or call it vacuum
    is self created.
    After all,
    this isolation is
    self imposed.

    – Syeda Maham


    Some Dreams


    Tell me,

    Is the sky really that blue?

    Or the earth so lush,

    And fields are at their greenest?


    Does the water gush with life,

    Beauty swarms?

    Do fairies come to life?


    They fill all my dreams,

    those mountains great….

    and valleys with sea green lakes…


    I wish ,I wish….

    to go there

    and feel the skies,

    to cradle flowers –

    and butterflies

    All I long with all my heart…

    Something not strange for a Karachite

    No blood soaked news,

    of barbaric crimes.


    Some dreams I have

    Girl snap back to life,

    When fire surrounds you on all sides

    Paradise seems lost,

    and hate wraps this too realistic life 


    But still a hope remains

    and in me dwells everyday

    That is….

    to be free….

    and to run wild

    – Syeda Maham N.


    Some Dreams

    A Reflection



    The pain somehow swelled in her chest….She had to succumb.Lonliness did come as a bliss


    The terrace had November breeze all over it…The sun, tired from bathing the earthners with its blood; settled to sleep.Birds,proud with their loot landed in their nests.The earliest stars were appearing.The sky was indeed a circus, staged by the heavenly bodies. Had it been some other time,her eyes would not miss a single moment of the sun and moon acrobats.But all this commotion of the skies could not parallel to the fire with in her. Her chai wilted under the aged plastic chair,her pedestal.That face,it loomed in her eyes, bullying her.These fault lines will deepen and cripple her for life, that was for sure. Now that the skeptism was almost gone, everything seemed relevant, too vivid….She stood up, burying this epiphany somewheres deep inside her heart…


    A tear rolled down her cheek. It wasn’t for him definitely, it was for her wounded pride. 




    A Dialogue


    ‘Oh! it’s you.Again’
    ‘You seem exasperated’
    ‘Just dont feel like skipping all the time’
    ‘That’s healthy’


    ‘I brought you flowers’
    ‘Just flowers-‘
    ‘It’s a Gloxinia!’
    ‘Just another flower.You are so-

    ‘I am going’
    ‘For a walk.hahaha’
    ‘No.I am going away’
    ‘Some far off village maybe.Like the poet you are’
    ‘Yes a town called Paris’

    ‘You never receive my call!’
    ‘Not an ideal greeting’
    ‘Sorry.How are you?’
    ‘It’s such a long while-‘
    ‘Yes.Yes it is’
    ‘Paris has gotten into you’
    ‘May be’
    ‘You sound different.
    ‘No.You’re changed’
    ‘Paris suits you then’
    ‘May be’
    ‘I guess you’re in monosyllable mood.Later.I guess’
    ‘Yeah.Later.May be’


    ‘I have come home’
    ‘Yes it’s been a month.I have heard about it.’
    ‘People cant get enough of me’
    ‘your months have been years’
    ‘Never mind that!How have you been doing?All this-‘
    ‘Listen I have to go.Someone’s waiting’

    ‘Yes.Now I have heard about this one.is he rich?’
    ‘A hell double more than your Euros’
    ‘And double my years too’


    ‘You are old’
    ‘And you are still ugly’
    ‘Did the geyser die?’
    ‘Last year’
    ‘How’s that French woman’
    ‘Doing great’
    ‘Visit us someday.now that you’re rich’
    ‘That I will do’


    ‘Here I am for you.at the end of the time’
    ‘As usual it’s you and I’
    ‘Have I been cryptic’
    ‘dear mistress’
    ‘I hope you may understand now.In all this serene’
    ‘As I shower your grave with Gloxinia’
    ‘And my tears’

    A Dialogue