Lone-Stines Day 😂😂

We are the Lone-Stines..

    Neither four nor teens…😂

    We are a bit amused at the ‘hitched’

    Their workings seem a little sci-fi.

    A candy coated Barbie gurl and a six-packs owing tycoon guy!

    Dramatic Scenarios like Starplus,

    Oh God in heavens above,Why!!

    Teddy bears floating in waterworks..

    No sir we  definitely don’t envy you (and that’s not a smirk)😂

    A day where singles freely post …

    (With out the fear of being labeled Tharki)

    On as to why 

    They can’t get that pyaari Larki

    Unlike popular assumptions:

    We are not increasing our carbon foot print..

    by blowing our off centered noses on a multiple tissue..


    Or go on chocolate eating binges…

    To land ourselves in premature diabetes’s issue.

    So whatever way,you spend your day..  you’re a winner!

    Kyun k ‘Valetine’ day’s is waisay b a saccharine coated commercial trap dear..

    Be smart,Use your head..Waisey b red is not your color to wear.

    Tauba Tauba,

    Don’t be a vile sinner 🙊😂



    Let’s bite our nails

    And paint them blue!

    Pull together our shit and dance to stoner rock tunes.                                   in the earliest parts of nights..       when skies still have that purple hue. Let the stars witness,

    how we ruin ourselves anew            

    Like a sponge Drunk on secondhand misery,.                                                   Girl I wonder;

    why have I become young

    at youth’s dying..?

    How much of us..

    do these concrete jungles define?

    Why did I wake up

     in the deadliest of colds?

    Why is this moon waxing

    at the instances,all wrong!

    It’s too late,It’s been late for ages now..                                                           So Just shut up already and clap for others..                                                   Cause the world’s not your stage!

    Not yours to hold.. Anymore.

    Honey it’s not us,                                         It’s our memories.                                     that have become decades old.

    -Syeda Maham Nayyer



    Why not let our words flow
    to color that grey area of bittersweet?

    Where little joys and fears

    creep out of everydays.

    Things that unsaid things imply,

    in the velvet of voice.

    We go through Twilights that promise,

    neither days nor nights.

    A game where one plays

    the other who gets blind.
    Words are easy to say,

    even more easier to leave behind.

    Growing out of hellos,

    A little too soon for goodbyes!

    Don’t you dare say

    it’s a figment manufactured in mind.
    Isn’t it intoxicating

    To find ourselves in the middle of things?

    You know how it started,
    And I can see how this ends..
    As for now…

    There is no us

    Just sides.

    -Syeda Maham N


    Skin Deep



    I looked great today,

    swagger hitting the sky.

    Feeling lightest..

    and the skies were brightest..

    Dress,accessories,make up..

    All picture perfect!



    I saw that you saw

    what was layers of concealer deep.


    Deformity repulses.

    Its not your fault..

    But it’s not my fault either.



    I know rejection so well !

    -Syeda Maham Nayyer

    (dedicated to vitriolage survivors)



    Skin Deep



    Here I was,

    working out the workings

    of the universe.

    Of constellations far away,

    of things that are felt

    and feels unsaid.
    (I was)
    Opening my eyes to newer realms

    And then

    I was brought to consider,

    harsh realities.

    Words like motives and needs.

    Romanticism came to me

    at a wrong instance.

    Or may be

    reality checks have odd timings.

    -Syeda Maham N





    They say

    emotional drain is an affliction.

    The numbness that follows

    is horrendous.

    Somehow ill,



    But I have savored it today

    and it feels marvelous
    to escape

    (even just for once that is)

    From the cage of being,

    from thought of self.


    To be aligned with the universe

    away from the practicalities

    Feeling so light.


    what a natural high.