Anatomy of Irony

Cuts through the skin,
and creeps through the flesh.
Is there a bigger ailment,
than a thing unsaid?

Lies heavily on the bosom,
burns through the veins.
These would haves and should haves
rarely leave you

-Syeda Maham Nayyer



The biscuits tasted sweet.
He dearly missed that of ignorance of youth.Youth itself is a mirage!How blissfully it wraps a person into a delusion of power.Makes one feel that they can Understand and Change anything.Everything.After all Everything is either in the in the absolute right or wrong.Black or white.

He popped another biscuit in his mouth.Too sweet.

Things change and the universe forces a person to acknowledge unpleasant things.Makes you admit of all kinds of realities and see that there are no absolute no rights and wrongs.No abrupt ends to stories and People are in the varying shades of gray.

The aftertaste in his mouth was tinged with bitterness.


I have a HUGE test on Friday

No.Get Lost
No.Get Lost


So I have this intehaaai big pharmacology viva on Friday and by huge I mean it includes the whole course.Naturally.I mean can’t I have ever a NORMAL weekend like the rest of normal Homo sapien population (Like the one that does not include any sort of exams). No,I guess that’s too much to ask 😀 .So about this test;let us see how the land lies for the Radical blogger….

  1. The professors are really evil sweet
  2. I have THREEE (pun intended) days to memorize the entire course.
  3. Thee radical blogger is not prepared at all!!!!!!!(well no surprises there)…
  4. Plus my my mom thinks that I am going ace this test (Dear ammi,I am more like an ACE inhibitor)
  5. Bullet four was a medical joke
  6. I am a goner.

So if you are wondering what this PHARMACOLOGY thingie is……you are lucky man….no seriously you are *gives you that Scooby Doo’s creepy guy’s signature look* 

You cutie.
You cutie.

Pharmey is a study of doom,torture and tears  medicines.On a serious note it is a pretty important subject and I would have liked it if it weren’t so volatile.It’s like depicting ancient Runes.


I should really start studying now..

I have a HUGE test on Friday

A Flight Of Imagination



All this self isolation
is my choice
but loneliness used to haunt haunt me,

fill me up with apprehensions

The vines of depression
Will engulf my soul.

I can see it drifting away,
to the remote seas
and impregnable mountains,

My thoughts will end up in void
or may be..
they’ll hang in the air
as echoes of a suppressed voice
never sought after….

Why is it so difficult
to relate?
As I scribble this sad note
A voice reminds me
at the back of my head.

That all this static,
pause or call it vacuum
is self created.
After all,
this isolation is
self imposed.

– Syeda Maham


Story of Me


Been too hard on myself lately
Perfection is long gone
What remains is a shadow
a mere speck of once a radical
crumbling to her feet
pretty much drained of everything

I am not what I used to be
Did all that just radiate
out of me
How can this happen!
Can downfall hit so early
and so hard in face
or maybe everyone’s just mean
not understanding.

Is it my belief
so deviant from the norm of my age
Making an alien out of me
or the fact that I never fit in
In whatever sort I try to mingle
One after the other
Where do I belong….

A realistic in every walk
How did I not see my own self
Detached from the bare facts myself
So easy it was to close eyes
Than to accept my

They all seem to slap me in the face
Did I deserve all this
May be I did..
All of those who lure themselves
into believing in a better version of own self
that never exists
paint miraculous abilities
that are mediocre in real
Will see a similar time

It rips me to see the truth
and live with this bitterness
But it’s the best to understand
I need to stop
predenting to be someone,
I no longer am.

-Syeda Maham


Hello (again) World and a not so brief account of my adventures

Greetings fellow Earthlings!!

God it is soo exhilarating to write again….Allow me to type some random words first to shake off all this rust.



Aaahh that feels good….Damn good.

How are ye all.Hale and hearty I hope 🙂 How am I doing? Very Good. Thankyou for the concern(also curtesies).Also I have become  more weird mature during these few months..(Okay this one never happened).My English is more horrible than ever.Plus I want a pet fish now.picc

So are you wondering about my exams?

You should’nt 😀

On a serious note : My papers went well(except for Anatomy,I screwed that one big time 🙂  ) .Well second year at torture medical school will start soon enough.pic2

As promised in the caption here is a monthwise recap of all the madness of previous months.Try not to yawn Enjoy reading!!


3 Am

(a dark creepy night,cats crying,leaves rustling,atmosphere fit for a horror movie,the heroine i.e me studying ALONE)

Le Me:Cardiac cycle….very important topic…This I should study from that other book..han..Dobby is a free elf….this coffee is making me dizzy….blood pressure is the ….is the curtain moving…femto litre is unit of …..why am I so pretty(dies sleeps over  the book)

Day the Next

Le Professor:Beta tell me the definition of Cardiac Cycle?

Le Me : Crackerspic3


I watched a Punjabi science fiction movie.


Starring: Sultan Rahi and Anjuman.

Central Idea:Zombie apocalypse in Punjab

Summary:Evil zombie creating doctor(Dakter Dan),heavy weight heroine,faithful sidekick,indestructible hero(took at least 20 bullets to his chest and still danced in the last scene) and a time bomb(it was an alarm clock)

Best dialogue in the movie:


(Incase you’re wondering,Arshad was the sidekick)(Also extremely ground shaking dance by Anjuman in the end)

And there was this Indian movie in which a blind man shot criminals,rode bikes and chased helicopters.

R.I.P Common Sense.



Le relative:I saw you on T.V

LE me (totally faking it) : You did?…(Heart dancing inside)

Well i went to the Karachi Book expo and gave interviews to a few news channels.So I was all over the 9 ‘ o clock bulletin that day.High five.


Le friend’s text coming out of nowhere : The exam is in two days……

Le me : WHAT????????

1 min later

Me : Relax. Maham you can do this……..Take this like a mature adult……..Yeah……….I am cool

30 seconds later

Me:My life is OVER…(sob)…..I’ll DIE…Anatomy in two days …Ammmmmmay….ammmmi…(more anguished sobs)…O God why?(Rocks back and forth)…Hang the examiners ……no concern for poor students….TWO DAYS……Mummy

Did I mention that my cousin’s wedding was during my papers….(Yeah Zindagi Gulzar hai.Literally)



Le friend:Thanks for helping me out for the vivas.

Me:Errrr…Your welcome.I guess..(kinda embarrassed)hhh


Here was an honest account of my previous months(Did ya like it?).Wish to hear(read) from everyone.Seriously I missed all my ‘blog buddies(Emosanal talk)

Moral of the story :

Blogging is addictive.

I take my leave with these Golden words:


Hello (again) World and a not so brief account of my adventures

The ravings of the ultimate procrastinator(thats me :) )


There comes a time in every time student’s life ,when their Facebook profile picture looks like this

or may be like this…….

As most of my fellow bloggers celebrate autumn,I brace myself for the coming exam season.Pressure,burden plus lack of sleep(I still can’t believe that I fell asleep in class today 😀 )

So this October,time is money.

November is the test of nerves

AND December is the ultimate showdown.

So my dear Radical readers,I take a brief leave from you all.I know nobody is going to miss me but this very crazy and/or weird Pakistani girl is going to miss each and every one of you.Thank you.For making blogging such a fabulous experience for me(I know I am not dying 😀 )

Have a fantastic time.Take care of yourselves.

See you in December….

The ravings of the ultimate procrastinator(thats me :) )