My Brand of Utopia

Of a place I dream

Where no blood stains the ground

Where nights hold no fear

And days are enough bright

No mother suffers loss

not a tear,sheds a child

Where hate is capital offence

and weapons set to fire

Where happiness is free to all

and none are food deprived

Lost are all bullets, pelts

In the land of dove

Language, race and color

matters of the most trifling sort

Where blasts don’t rip apart

And kill

and no one turns to crime

People build up imaginary worlds

and equip them with luxuries,every kind

Not in my brand of utopia,though

This story has no style

No jewels or castles exist

in my preferred shrine

No wealth no-show my invites

Only Peace

Is something I crave

to find.

Р Syeda Maham N

My Brand of Utopia