Lone-Stines Day 😂😂

We are the Lone-Stines..

    Neither four nor teens…😂

    We are a bit amused at the ‘hitched’

    Their workings seem a little sci-fi.

    A candy coated Barbie gurl and a six-packs owing tycoon guy!

    Dramatic Scenarios like Starplus,

    Oh God in heavens above,Why!!

    Teddy bears floating in waterworks..

    No sir we  definitely don’t envy you (and that’s not a smirk)😂

    A day where singles freely post …

    (With out the fear of being labeled Tharki)

    On as to why 

    They can’t get that pyaari Larki

    Unlike popular assumptions:

    We are not increasing our carbon foot print..

    by blowing our off centered noses on a multiple tissue..


    Or go on chocolate eating binges…

    To land ourselves in premature diabetes’s issue.

    So whatever way,you spend your day..  you’re a winner!

    Kyun k ‘Valetine’ day’s is waisay b a saccharine coated commercial trap dear..

    Be smart,Use your head..Waisey b red is not your color to wear.

    Tauba Tauba,

    Don’t be a vile sinner 🙊😂


    My Brand of Utopia

    Of a place I dream

    Where no blood stains the ground

    Where nights hold no fear

    And days are enough bright

    No mother suffers loss

    not a tear,sheds a child

    Where hate is capital offence

    and weapons set to fire

    Where happiness is free to all

    and none are food deprived

    Lost are all bullets, pelts

    In the land of dove

    Language, race and color

    matters of the most trifling sort

    Where blasts don’t rip apart

    And kill

    and no one turns to crime

    People build up imaginary worlds

    and equip them with luxuries,every kind

    Not in my brand of utopia,though

    This story has no style

    No jewels or castles exist

    in my preferred shrine

    No wealth no-show my invites

    Only Peace

    Is something I crave

    to find.

    –  Syeda Maham N

    My Brand of Utopia