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The current situation is summarized as follows:

OBS rhymes with sobs…

Surgery is a terrible monarch

I and II

Medicine is a not-so-quick sand.

And there is nothing cute about Paeds.

Anything Everything

The ravings of the ultimate procrastinator(thats me :) )


There comes a time in every time student’s life ,when their Facebook profile picture looks like this

or may be like this…….

As most of my fellow bloggers celebrate autumn,I brace myself for the coming exam season.Pressure,burden plus lack of sleep(I still can’t believe that I fell asleep in class today 😀 )

So this October,time is money.

November is the test of nerves

AND December is the ultimate showdown.

So my dear Radical readers,I take a brief leave from you all.I know nobody is going to miss me but this very crazy and/or weird Pakistani girl is going to miss each and every one of you.Thank you.For making blogging such a fabulous experience for me(I know I am not dying 😀 )

Have a fantastic time.Take care of yourselves.

See you in December….

The ravings of the ultimate procrastinator(thats me :) )