Let’s bite our nails

And paint them blue!

Pull together our shit and dance to stoner rock tunes.                                   in the earliest parts of nights..       when skies still have that purple hue. Let the stars witness,

how we ruin ourselves anew            

Like a sponge Drunk on secondhand misery,.                                                   Girl I wonder;

why have I become young

at youth’s dying..?

How much of us..

do these concrete jungles define?

Why did I wake up

 in the deadliest of colds?

Why is this moon waxing

at the instances,all wrong!

It’s too late,It’s been late for ages now..                                                           So Just shut up already and clap for others..                                                   Cause the world’s not your stage!

Not yours to hold.. Anymore.

Honey it’s not us,                                         It’s our memories.                                     that have become decades old.

-Syeda Maham Nayyer



Why not let our words flow
to color that grey area of bittersweet?

Where little joys and fears

creep out of everydays.

Things that unsaid things imply,

in the velvet of voice.

We go through Twilights that promise,

neither days nor nights.

A game where one plays

the other who gets blind.
Words are easy to say,

even more easier to leave behind.

Growing out of hellos,

A little too soon for goodbyes!

Don’t you dare say

it’s a figment manufactured in mind.
Isn’t it intoxicating

To find ourselves in the middle of things?

You know how it started,
And I can see how this ends..
As for now…

There is no us

Just sides.

-Syeda Maham N


Much needed Insight

Well, I could be wrong since I feel there is no ‘objective truth’ and everything is subjective – but the way I look at things is that when you’re younger, you have too many expectations from life. I think there comes a time when you start dropping expectations. Because the world doesn’t owe you anything, and you don’t owe the world anything in return. Things, feelings, are a very simple transaction. If you get it, be grateful. If you don’t, be alright with it.

– Fawad Khan

Much needed Insight

What’s in a name?

So what does your typical Rahul look like? Let’s rephrase the question as to what qualities are expected from a Rahul?

He’s Charming
Is great with the ladies!
Has a killer sense of fashion
Seriously the ladies can’t keep their hands off him

Basically Rahul is a lovable, charming, slightly tactless guy who always has everyone’s best interests at heart.He’s the hero who gets the girl.

So what happens if Rahul is a douchebag?

Rahul: Naam Tou Suna Hi Hoga!

This is exactly what the Malayalam movie ‘100 Days of Love’ talks about.img_20170204_154949

This movie narrates the story of B. K.N,a guy who loses his girlfriend and job within the first few scenes into the story.Not being familiar with Malayalam culture it takes a while to understand that he (much to his chagrin) is named after a famous villain Balan K.Nair.It’s like getting named after Shafqat Cheema,I guess 😂.He is basically a loser in all aspects.The anti hero.

My name is Sheela!

Balan’s life flips upside down when he meets the mysterious Sheela one rainy evening.As per the custom of RomComs,he immediately falls for her.But Sheela is engaged to  *Drum Roll* Rahul.

100 days of love has a fresh take on the effect of names and how they should not shape our perception of a person.Somewhat echoes Juliet’s soliloquy from Shakespeare’s magnum opus ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

What’s in a name?that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet;

So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d,

Retain that dear perfection which he owes

Sheela believes herself to be a practical person who is not affected by minor things like love and losers.Rahul is rich, sophisticated, successful and in Balan’s words a – Cliché.But the catch here is Rahul being an extremely vindictive and unbearable person.Whereas the poor loser’s heart is full of(sic) love.Download a shady torrent to find out if Sheela chose the cocky Rahul or the not at all villainous villain,Balan?

Moral:You need to see and understand that there is always more to a person than what meets the eye.Or may be it doesn’t and it’s just me wasting my time before a ward test.

Watch the movie and decide for yourself.😂

What’s in a name?

All the world’s a Tamasha


img_20170203_175304 It’s almost an year and I still just can’t get over Tamasha!What a gorgeous piece of art.Loaded with subtle meanings and between the lines motifs.Haye!A lot of people don’t like the movie but this post does not serve to slut shame them ( even though you should be ashamed.Ya nasty! 😂).This post is specifically about the song Matargashti.

Matargashti has Ved and Tara frolicking on the streets of Corsica.Here are some stills from the song:

Ved:Let’s nacho on the road! Tara:Brilliant!
Ved: Hey these drugs work! Everything’s blur! Tara: No its just Maham’s shitty screenshots.
Tara: My back hurts! Ved : Buddhi aurat.
I m the king of Bollywood Nepotism! Crowd:Oh yes! you are!

Besides the realization of your poverty what else does occurs in each and every still ? This flag:


Corsica has been struggling for Independence from Spain for quite some time now and this symbol of their movement is scattered throughout the song.Gaining Independence to be yourself  and embracing freedom are the central themes of Tamasha .There has been a lot of speculation about the director choosing this particular destination so I guess this fits with the narrative as to why Corsica holds such a pivotal place in story.It’s not a just a location but a silent character in the movie bringing Ved and Tara together with its magic..I think somewheres Mr Imtiaz Ali is laughing at us lesser mortals.

I should really stop focusing so much time on wall hangings and spare some of the time to my textbooks   😂😂😂

All the world’s a Tamasha

Super late 2016 favorites cause why not? 😎

Favorites of 2016:

So much beyooti 😱

Purana Mandir’

Ok so this has to be my most favorite movie of them all.Its a scary movie that’ll leave you shaking with – laughter.A Ramsey Brothers classic that narrates a blood curdling,bone chilling saga of macho men running in dense forests for God knows what reasons at twilight.Fail to comprehend why don’t people in scary movies realize that a going to haveli in complete wilderness is a big no-no!!

Let’s go over our standard protocols for80s scary filum and see how many of these are covered in this cinematic experience par excellence .So is there a:


Old haveli -yes

Monster with intihaai fake costume -Rawr!

Crazy villagers – hell yeah!

Dead Sidekicks – ji bilkul

Dumb heroine – affirmative

Creepy Servant – Ye bhi koi pochney ki baat hai 😂😂

They don’t get the girl… It’s We who get the boys -Mahira Khan

‘Ho Mann Jahaan’

This movie will always have a special place in my heart as my heart is a filing cabinet of saneema.I watched this one in theatre.It’s a really bright,cheery,happy movie that you can watch with your mom,dad, siblings or the old lady who lives down the lane (I don’t judge).Had a great time watching exceptionally good looking people in equally gorgeous, effortlessly chic clothing sing,dance and get upset at bummers set up by the script destiny along their way.Initially didn’t like Sonya Jehan’s role in the trailers but was so damn wrong.In my defense,I can say she looked like a vamp or siren in the trailers(or in my head or both).But as the Radical blogger stuffed her face with popcorn it became obvious that her independent highness was the best character of the movie.No more spoilers until you find a shady torrent link.


Also Shakar Wanda is love.  😍😍😍 If you haven’t grooved to this song at dholkis and mehndis then sir its time to revaluate your social life.

What a not-so-lovely day!

Mad Max: Fury Road’

People generally consider you as a total Indian soap opera watching person if you don’t throw a dash of Hollywood in your yearly round ups.So here’s an Englis Filum.Watching the Oscars I honestly couldn’t understand why this movie was nominated for so many category.. (also couldn’t stop ogling at Kate Blanche’s sarvoswsky dress).Seemed like a racer movie where everyone learns the importance of family in the end.But was completly blown away when I finally watched it!!! Really envy the people who saw it in cinemas

Bros dekhlo isko 😎😊

Super late 2016 favorites cause why not? 😎

Arun-dat is Woah 😱


The God of small things by Arundhati Roy

So you brought your copy of TGST with great enthusiasm and now its gathering dust under your bed? Its definitely not your usual pattern of reading but lets face it that a few pages into the book and you’re already dozing off? Why is that so? Is the novel depressing? Yes. Is it pretentious? Ji Bilkul.Does everybody perish in the end? Ye bhi koi puchney wali baat hai??So why exactly are we reading this again?Let’s explore!

“Today I was asked if I was Arundhati Roy’s mother.Never have I been more insulted in my life!!”

“Is it that bad Mother?To be my mother”

The most interesting bit about the book is the writer herself.A divorced architect in her thirties who has had an extremely strained relation with her mother.Roy mirrors Rahel in pretty much all aspects which leaves the reader wondering where the line between fiction blurs with reality.Set in God’s own country( Kerala) fraternal twins Rahel and Estha take you on a journey of overcoming grief and untangling their murky past.The story also dabbles with rise of communism and Naxalites.The writer concludes all this as a backlash to caste system.Its quite interesting as another Indian writer,Aatish Taseer wrote a whole article in the Guardian to prove that Roy is quite biased and hateful towards the common man.

This book is definitely not your usual novel that has a beginning,middle and end but sometimes it’s truly worthwhile to step out of your comfort zone.You definitely won’t like it but you won’t forget it either.


Arun-dat is Woah 😱