On People Quoting Robert Frost.


People Quoting Robert Frost :
So I have been thinking about these two instances for a while where two very famous people(Everyone has their opinion about them but that’s not the point of this post) quoted Frost to talk about the most important decisions of their lives.

1.Came across an obituary written by a senior politician on the 27th Dec where he recalls asking Benazir Bhutto about her decision of relocating to Pakistan and pleaded her to rethink in light of all the death threats.She listened to his advice and quoted Frost saying ‘I have promises to keep’

2.In an interview given in 2013 Junaid Jamshed talks about how the song ‘hum kyn chalein uss raah par’ was a nod to Frost’s ‘The road not taken’ as it was a foretelling of him choosing an unconventional path in his life.(There is an article on that song published today in tribune so you can check that out)

Honestly have never been a fan of Frost before and saw him just as someone students are forced to study in school but now I feel like it’s time to revisit his works.

On People Quoting Robert Frost.

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