Spinner’s Smoke

Somehowfb_img_1486058183610 Moth Smoke kept popping up in the back of my head while reading The Spinner’s Tale.

Come to think of it you can actually draw so many parallels between Sufi and Darashikoh.Two middle class kids exposed to the lifestyle of the rich.Both of them extremely dissatisfied with the course their lives take once school gets over.Unable to comprehend (and deep down accept) that their friends have access to better opportunities.And to make make matters worse both of these gents yearned for the women they could not have.

Not saying that they’re the same but found them similar to each other.I guess the thing that separates them were the choices they made; Darashikoh seemed to tread on a path of self destruction whereas Sufi destroyed everything he touched.
What do you guys think?

Spinner’s Smoke

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