I have a HUGE test on Friday

No.Get Lost
No.Get Lost


So I have this intehaaai big pharmacology viva on Friday and by huge I mean it includes the whole course.Naturally.I mean can’t I have ever a NORMAL weekend like the rest of normal Homo sapien population (Like the one that does not include any sort of exams). No,I guess that’s too much to ask 😀 .So about this test;let us see how the land lies for the Radical blogger….

  1. The professors are really evil sweet
  2. I have THREEE (pun intended) days to memorize the entire course.
  3. Thee radical blogger is not prepared at all!!!!!!!(well no surprises there)…
  4. Plus my my mom thinks that I am going ace this test (Dear ammi,I am more like an ACE inhibitor)
  5. Bullet four was a medical joke
  6. I am a goner.

So if you are wondering what this PHARMACOLOGY thingie is……you are lucky man….no seriously you are *gives you that Scooby Doo’s creepy guy’s signature look* 

You cutie.
You cutie.

Pharmey is a study of doom,torture and tears  medicines.On a serious note it is a pretty important subject and I would have liked it if it weren’t so volatile.It’s like depicting ancient Runes.


I should really start studying now..

I have a HUGE test on Friday

2 thoughts on “I have a HUGE test on Friday

    1. Oh these professors with their barbaric practices get on my nerves!!!!! 😀 😀 😀
      I hope your exam/test has gone well…InshaAllah.

      Han yar waqi it’s been a long time.I’ll visit your blog soon and we’ll have some tea together(mine with some elaichi please) 🙂

      Happy Ramadan,

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