Some Dreams


Tell me,

Is the sky really that blue?

Or the earth so lush,

And fields are at their greenest?


Does the water gush with life,

Beauty swarms?

Do fairies come to life?


They fill all my dreams,

those mountains great….

and valleys with sea green lakes…


I wish ,I wish….

to go there

and feel the skies,

to cradle flowers –

and butterflies

All I long with all my heart…

Something not strange for a Karachite

No blood soaked news,

of barbaric crimes.


Some dreams I have

Girl snap back to life,

When fire surrounds you on all sides

Paradise seems lost,

and hate wraps this too realistic life 


But still a hope remains

and in me dwells everyday

That is….

to be free….

and to run wild

– Syeda Maham N.


Some Dreams

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