This was the first time I killed fiction 😀


It’s dark.He can feel the cold creeping onto his flesh.Breath coming out in tiny wisps of smoke.He clutches a brown bag in his hands like a lifeline.

‘Clearly not my day’,he mutters to himself.
His fingers fumble around the packet.He must not lose it.

The room is bright.Too bright.All this music and friendly chatter makes her thoroughly uncomfortable.The flowy dress is not a help either.Everything has a artifial feeling,even the people.

“They don’t deserve to know my distress’,her thoughts are all venomous.Lately.
‘I shouldn’t think about her’,he tells himself for the umpteenth time.His grip on the bag looses for a second.

Footsteps.They are still on his trail,predators playing with their catch.He tries to run.It’s too dark.
‘It’s unusually cold,for early winter’,She drapes her shawl tightly.The evening is over,congratulations pouring from all directions.The platinum band on her finger feels nothing more than an ugly lump of metal.Cold,heartless.Like her.

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