False Sense


Had a heart,

with dreams painted on it,

brimming with emotions….

Thought of possibilties,

and happy incidents.,

frought with flowers…

Considered stars my stop..

Too bad..

they proved to be light years away….

After all fantasy world..

did not exist..


– Syeda Maham

False Sense

4 thoughts on “False Sense

    1. Honestly,Lala I dont know what to say to this.I am quite speech less…..

      P.S. I really loved your blog…
      Especially the lines:
      ‘A traveler who went on a journey through the road of Ishq-e-majazi (The Love of Human) to Ishq-e-haqiqui (The Love Of God) and have to overcome many difficulties during the journey. I am still travelling…. Without knowing what my final destination can be.’

      Now that’s beautiful 🙂

      1. Well well !! So glad to know you liked my blog and these lines too 🙂 This is nothing though compared to what you write ! You are amazing girl 🙂 Much love xx

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