These days

You know……
There is a solitary star
that hangs low
On the indigo canvas of the sky
the brightest it is
farthest from its own kind
May be
The constellation cannot
understand its warmth
Wonder what science calls it,
I just call it my star

Did you ever notice?
there is a pair
of the greenest parrots,
nestling in the Palm….
Its ancient branches,
house their shrill cries
It’s the first time
I have seen the bird in the wild
in its element

Have you ever noticed?
the November breeze,
on freshly cut grass,
I did…
just today,
The cool drenches my feet..
and I wonder..
‘Why did’nt I feel it before’

You see…
I have come across a bush
Full of blossoms..
It a Hibiscus,,,,
And a pink one!!!!

I wish to tell you more,
and describe all the scents…
I have lost the will to write…
-Syeda Maham N

These days

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