A Dialogue


‘Oh! it’s you.Again’
‘You seem exasperated’
‘Just dont feel like skipping all the time’
‘That’s healthy’


‘I brought you flowers’
‘Just flowers-‘
‘It’s a Gloxinia!’
‘Just another flower.You are so-

‘I am going’
‘For a walk.hahaha’
‘No.I am going away’
‘Some far off village maybe.Like the poet you are’
‘Yes a town called Paris’

‘You never receive my call!’
‘Not an ideal greeting’
‘Sorry.How are you?’
‘It’s such a long while-‘
‘Yes.Yes it is’
‘Paris has gotten into you’
‘May be’
‘You sound different.
‘No.You’re changed’
‘Paris suits you then’
‘May be’
‘I guess you’re in monosyllable mood.Later.I guess’
‘Yeah.Later.May be’


‘I have come home’
‘Yes it’s been a month.I have heard about it.’
‘People cant get enough of me’
‘your months have been years’
‘Never mind that!How have you been doing?All this-‘
‘Listen I have to go.Someone’s waiting’

‘Yes.Now I have heard about this one.is he rich?’
‘A hell double more than your Euros’
‘And double my years too’


‘You are old’
‘And you are still ugly’
‘Did the geyser die?’
‘Last year’
‘How’s that French woman’
‘Doing great’
‘Visit us someday.now that you’re rich’
‘That I will do’


‘Here I am for you.at the end of the time’
‘As usual it’s you and I’
‘Have I been cryptic’
‘dear mistress’
‘I hope you may understand now.In all this serene’
‘As I shower your grave with Gloxinia’
‘And my tears’

A Dialogue

8 thoughts on “A Dialogue

  1. The ‘like’ is not only for the ‘dialogue’, but also for the flow of feelings it brought. The ending, it’s pretty painful. The realistic touch in the whole of it is superb too.
    I wish I could tell you how much I liked it, but I am always at a loss of words for that matter.

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