Just a Pakistani’s Woe

Bleeds the heart
for the country,
it once doted upon…
Are the people of my land
raised for slaughter?
To be murdered in the name of..
God knows what cause..

so numerous…
that one loses count
Tear the heart each time
so may be we have some human,
Left in our beings,

Be a child or man
a girl with a million dreams
All will be shot dead,
You see the Terrorist
believes in complete Equality
Spares no one,
instills the hate,leaves a mark
craves it on sinews
and hearts…
uses blood as his Ink

Because we can talk this out
Sort murders with compromise
Will your good and tact
bring a mother’s child
So go ahead,
and gamble with our lives

Some peace it’ll bring
To our land….

Syeda Maham N


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