Story of Me


Been too hard on myself lately
Perfection is long gone
What remains is a shadow
a mere speck of once a radical
crumbling to her feet
pretty much drained of everything

I am not what I used to be
Did all that just radiate
out of me
How can this happen!
Can downfall hit so early
and so hard in face
or maybe everyone’s just mean
not understanding.

Is it my belief
so deviant from the norm of my age
Making an alien out of me
or the fact that I never fit in
In whatever sort I try to mingle
One after the other
Where do I belong….

A realistic in every walk
How did I not see my own self
Detached from the bare facts myself
So easy it was to close eyes
Than to accept my

They all seem to slap me in the face
Did I deserve all this
May be I did..
All of those who lure themselves
into believing in a better version of own self
that never exists
paint miraculous abilities
that are mediocre in real
Will see a similar time

It rips me to see the truth
and live with this bitterness
But it’s the best to understand
I need to stop
predenting to be someone,
I no longer am.

-Syeda Maham


4 thoughts on “Story of Me

  1. the image of your being
    is hidden beneath layer
    upon layer
    of truth-obliterating perception.

    our broken understanding
    of life
    leads to a situation
    like describing the color blue
    to a man blind from birth.

    you are perfection.
    you simply can’t see it.

  2. Syeda Aeras Zaidi says:

    This reminded me of the song “Fade to Black” my Metallica. Listen to it, maybe you’ll like it too. 😀 This work of yours was deep and wonderful, and it seemed to have been influenced and inspired out of that song.

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