Lady Gaga : Of Pickles and Shivers


Now that’s a pickle(bad pun?)(pretty much).Anyways Hey World!!!!How are yous in general?

In headline news:My study related issues have rocketed to Jupiter….(No really!)The burden is overwhelming,exhausting and somehow very welcome.Radical grandmother has come to the conclusion she needs to burn the mid night lamp and stop fretting about trees and butterflies (for a while).They can wait,books won’t.Dear people I can only say that procrastination is a SIN.And a bad one too.Let’s hope my spaceship lands safely on planet InSane(no matter how many light years it takes).

Okay this is'nt Jupiter.
Okay this isn’t Jupiter.

Incase you have not noticed,it’s september.Well it is not much of a Fall in Karachi.The weather is horrible.I mean seriously it gets minus like in classrooms with the air conditioning(So did you ever come across Mohsin Hamid’s short story by the same name? also this shows that the Radical blogger has read the desi writers.I am so posh.Not 😀 ) The corridors are scorching hot.So basically college is equal to inferno these days (Arctic Sahara maybe?) (and now you thought of Dan Brown)(And if you didn’t this girl stands with you 🙂 ) Totally non related:Below is the most ridiculous Facebook profile picture I have ever come across.Somehow I can relate to it though.(Wonders why? )

A common site.Perfect climate for a walk.
A common site.Perfect climate for a jog.

Did someone say tele-the-vision?Well lately Pakistan channel are flooded with Urdu dubbed Turkish dramas.’Turkish invasion’ as our media coins it.Unsurprisingly I have taken up the habit of watching them .Not that I am fond of them(it’s more like a KESC conspiracy 😀 )they are the things coinciding with my timings.So hao are they?Well all their soaps have beautiful people driving equally beautiful cars.Will you buy that?Most of the people here have.And THIS guy is always there to make you feel at home.I think he’s name is Kevinc or something(synonymous with the urdu name Iftikhar,as one of my friends points out)…Also I can’t stand Adnan sahab in Ishq Memnu(Perfect specimen of Low I.Q)(how could he not suspect? )(Confused?For details watch Ishq Memnu or ‘forbidden Love’.Coming in your part of the world soon,of that I am pretty damn sure))

And Lady Gaga does not star in this post,but she did make a catchy title.Haina??

So this brings us to the end dear people.Always run after butterflies and hate war.God save all from chemical weapons.Amen.

Lady Gaga : Of Pickles and Shivers

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