Hey Rain…Where have been?

Tis too much…Where’s the rain???
Maybe it hides in your pocket
and plays silly games

Cuckoo lady is thirsty still

and Sunny Miss has shied away

now won’t you come out

and play

Those clouds mean business

So what if forecasts turn wrong

Is something I did or said

That made her go astray

So bear in mind

Dear, stupid child

If you ever stop by her sometime

tell her I said
I Miss You

Even I can write nursery rhymes. hahaha.Brother says he hates it.In my defence I will only say that I am extremely sleep deprived.On the bright side my exams are over.God!they were exhausting and I am still kind of dazed.Ooh look a squirrel.NOT

Later People-Who-Press-Words

Hey Rain…Where have been?

3 thoughts on “Hey Rain…Where have been?

  1. I was planning to tell you that I thought this is awesome, but then your last paragraph is telling me not to.
    Anyways I don’t care if your bro hated it, I just loved reading it! πŸ™‚ And I miss rain too!

    1. Hehehe.On the Radical Blog, you are prefectly entitled to have your own opinions πŸ™‚ I is verrrrrry democratic.
      Ahh sweet rain that Karachi gets a tinsy bit of millimetres each year πŸ™‚

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