Happy Birthday to Maham(i.e The Radical Blogger) and a few other stories

Good Morning or Good Evening (Solely depends upon what is shining outside your window right now 😀  )

Today is 21st March.I’ll turn 20 tomorrow…(Budhi ghori 😀 😀  )cake

The academic Year has already started.Second year is really hard and I have vowed to rage a war against procrastination.Although its already stifling hot,its still spring.I have mastered the osteology of human skull(which currently resides in my bookshelf).Also I have developed a sudden interest in calligraphy.i am where as good as my mother but its really nice past time.I still can’t come up with my own designs and I have to look for inspirations.And I am not getting enough sleep.sleepy

A Word of Caution:This is an extremely random post.

The curious Case of maham’s headphones :

Something and (God knows what it is) has happened to my headphones.Internal bleeding??? Percussion???Memory loss????

While we ponder on these cause lets look at the symptoms:

The head phones seem to have a mind of their own.Freely interfering with music(How dare Ye?).These edits have added much beauty to Kesha’s and Alexandra Stan’s song.Mr Bieber’s voice could not survive such hardships and only a faint music is to be heard.These wild phones subtract and add instruments on their own.

Only One person was immune to this Rampage:

Abida Perveen


Me Baking…..GASP:

I am as surprised as you are 😀 ….For some strange reason my parents get very anxious to see me in kitchen(Dad thinks I am gonna burn myself 😀 )

Well my sister,Falak, is the ultimate baking maestro.She told me how to whip up(pun very well intended) a cake.Actually it turned out to be very good and no one was injured.

 A Dialogue

Le Freshman: Maham Baji I am from your School.So nice to see you here.I am doing M.B.B.S

Le Me:Really? Great.Errrr I don’t remember you though.

Le Freshman:You.Don’t.Remember.Me(voice fading with every syllable)(extremly pained expression)

Le me:Errr you did you some thing with your look(Wild speculation)

Le Freshman:(Brightening up)Oh yeah I did…So this is why you did’nt recognize me in the first place…Haina????

Me:Exactly…..(God please forgive me)

My Birthday facts:

  • I was born on the 22nd of March.
  • 22nd marks the cusp of Aries and Pieces.But I consider myself an Aries.
  • Both of siblings are also Aries.So it’s like 3 very same people living under the same roof.We have the same likes and opinions are extremely same.(Here is the creepy part:Some times we think and and speak the same sentences separately)
  • According to the Islamic calender I was born on the 27th of Ramadan(so was my sister and we aren’t twins)

So now I sign out dear readers because I have to study the Histology of the endocrine system(no it is actually interesting).Here is a slide of the human pancreas.(This is how your insides look like)Actually everybody’s insides look like this.God made us in the same way.It’s the people who have created so many divisions and differences(Philosophical thoughts) pancreas

P.S. I have a wicked dress for tomorrow.  😀mad

Happy Birthday to Maham(i.e The Radical Blogger) and a few other stories

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Maham(i.e The Radical Blogger) and a few other stories

  1. Very well written. Beautifully explained, Budhi Ghori aka Old horse. 😀
    Birthdays have actually given us an opportunity to celebrate, to smile and make other people smile. So take this opportunity and celebrate this special day by spreading the colors of life everywhere and make it memorable. Wishing you a great opportunity.
    I hope the upcoming year be more successful, productive and happy, with loads of luck and peace, Ameen.
    Happy Birthday, Maham.
    Stay happy and blessed.
    A *HUG* for you.
    – Loads of love. ❤

    1. Ameen sum ameen.
      Thanks for all these sweet wishes Hira.That’s so nice of you.Waise my brother said nobody will get the old horse part but I inserted it anyway (secretly hoping that somebody does 😀 ) .Well I have vowed to be good,punctual and studious girl this year.Lets if the Radical Blogger pulls off this Herculean stunt 🙂
      P.S Thank you for the twitter wish too.Doctor sahiba you made my day 🙂

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