The Tagging Game : Get 11+11 Facts wiser about Me

Hello peoples.I hope everything and everyone is fine on your side of the globe.ha

First and foremost a huge thank you (with silver pompoms and bright orange ribbons) goes to Nithin , from  ink,thoughts,coffee blog for tagging me.Well was i was tagged in October…so I am kinda (fashionably 😀 ) late.Here are are the rules

Rules (Hear Ye,Hear ye) :

(Well I just copy pasted them from his blog 😀 )

  •   Each person tagged must post 11 things about themselves.
  •   They must also answer the 11 questions the ‘tagger’ has set for them.
  •   They must create 11 more questions to ask bloggers they have decided to tag.
  •   They must then choose 11 bloggers and tag them in their post.
  •   These lucky bloggers must then be told.
  •   There are no tag backs.

So about this Maham :

  • I am a 19-year-old Pakistani girl.
  • This year I’ll be starting my second year at medical school.
  • My name is a Palindrome…..M.A.H.A.M….(def.Palindromes are words which spell the same backward and forward).Also I was named after the moon.
  • Most of my family and friends refer to me instead of Wikipedia,dictionary and even atlas. (Aunty show off)
  • I love (to watch) wrestling.I also watch cartoons (I think the my current theme is very illustrative of this fact)
  • I have a strange love  for

a. Car Number plates.Show me a plate and I’ll tell you how old the model is 🙂

b.Politics and current affairs.It is my business to know everything 😀 (except my textbooks that is to say 😀 😀  )

c.Literature. (I am a voracious reader)

d.Newspaper (My mother says I read the newspaper like a retired Professor)

  • I am a parody queen.No teacher,friend,relative or politician has escaped me scrutiny 😀
  •  I look exactly like my mother.(but my brain works like Dad)
  • I often forget to eat and drink.(My mother reminds me to do so)
  • I cannot stand people who :

 a.Are Hypocrites 

 b.Wear out-of-fashion clothes out of their own free will                                                                                                                  

c.Are Evill

  •  I don’t lie because I can’t lie.My brother says that my upper lip twitches when ever I try to do so.Also I have a tell-tale face

While you are trying to digest that……I’ll answer these 11 questions 

What’s your hobby, off course after blogging?

I am one of the moodiest creature to prowl the face of the Earth.So evrything is accordingly to it.I love Literature.I have also become a social networking freak lately..and since I am a girl so there is always an endless gossip :D….then there are rather accurate impressions that I do of many people.Sometimes I make funny clips with my siblings

.So I have a lot to do 😀covr me


What makes you strong?          

My Mother.My Family.And my inner self.I have many self-imposed restrictions.


A place you wish to visit before you die?




What’s your biggest dream?

I am glad somebody asked that.Here goes that list :

1.I wish to do something good with my life.Something to make my parents mighty proud.Also something for fire and acid victims.

2.To be a Ph.D (Because my family is certain that I have all the makings of an Absent minded Professor 😀  )

3.To travel the world.

4.To dye the bits of my hair Red ( Yeah I don’t see this one coming either 😀  )today


How did you start blogging?

Once upon a time,years ago, I came across an article on blogging in the Spider magazine.’A place where you could write!!’ I was naturally fascinated.

Only problem.I did’nt know how to.LOL

Years later I came across a Facebook page where everybody shared their blogs.


I fell in love with the word…’WordPress’

Everybody lived happily ever after.

The End



Suggest me a book?

I have just read ‘A Tale Of Two Cities’….Such an emotional roller coaster.Strongly recommended

Your favorite movie?

Yeah about that.I don’t watch movies.
Do you have a pet, I am listening…?

No I don’t.But I am dying to have a fish bowl ever since I saw my uncle’s aquarium.Those pink and purple fishes……Love at first sight.


What’s the word that defines you best?

I can’t, actually I don’t want to define myself in a single word.It seems like limiting myself………Even the very thought is suffocating.


A sweet moment from your life?

When my friend called to tell me that I got the highest result in the medical college entry test  🙂


What was the scariest thing you had when you were a child?

They didn’t have terrorism in my childhood.It did’nt exist in those time.Nothing was scary back then.I had a beautiful almost magical childhood 🙂

And Now I interrogate thee

  • Pray tell us….why do you write?
  • what is life to you?
  • Do you forgive easily?
  • Beauty.Your definition.?
  • Fiction or hardcore fact?
  • A fictitious character that resembles yourself (in any respect)
  • Something you’ll never forget
  • Did you ever hate..?
  • Your brand of utopia consists of…..
  • Your comments on the Radical blog.

Since I am already a cajilion months late,i ask you, O,dear reader to tag yourself.Really I would be very happy if even a single person answers (puppy dog eyes)

so here was a not so brief description of me.Hope you didn’t die of boredom….:D


Syeda Maham1026_487597141273737_645935678_n


The Tagging Game : Get 11+11 Facts wiser about Me

2 thoughts on “The Tagging Game : Get 11+11 Facts wiser about Me

  1. Hello dear. What a wonderful blog you have here. I admire medical students a lots–they turn out to be great people! So how do you cope with school and blogging?

    1. Well it is getting increasingly difficult to juggle blogging and studies but where there’s a will there’s a way 🙂
      I guess there is no stopping once you discover the joy of writing 🙂
      P.S thanks for visiting my blog

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