Of Confusion,Death and Humanity

Sometimes inner conflicts hurt a bit too much and being inert is just too difficult.I think I should explain

Back in June,a series of protest erupted by doctors in Pakistan.Their demands revolved around salary packages and job infrastructure.Living in a country where peaceful demonstrations are not even heard,these strikes soon turned to the violent side.To make things worse,the local government started acting rigid,issuing arrest warrants of young doctors . Of course there were casualties,the doctors claiming them natural deaths and government announcing them  result of medical non-attendance. Everywhere people talked.There were mistakes on both sides.

Being recent addition to the profession,I could not avoid to think about this.

I wrote this poem during this phase.


The torch bearers of humanity
(As once we were supposed to be)
Certainly have lost our identity
The very purpose of survival
Shrouds us in times like these
But this a universal phenomenon
How can you blame only me?
The oath I took binds me by honor alone
And today honor is most easily sold…..

Few days ago I heard a voice
‘They cut off the child’s oxygen supply
So now will they kill to have their way?’
‘This never happened’,I fiercely deny
‘They will not do this to have a pay rise’
But later ,for hours I would brood
Did they really leave the child?
To suffer in the hands of death
And to whom this act will bring any good?

A human all carved of sinew and desire
To this definition we are not an exempt
We do crave,we have greed,We sob,we weep
So tell me now
Who doesn’t fall for a brighter future’s tempt
And yet we miss a lot on life
To fulfill the promise we initially made
To be always around there
To be present there,where is the need

It’s sad that where we live
Non violent protest always go amiss
A just voice is never heard
Never covered…
Was there any course else to be followed?
I simply cannot judge who was right
For violence ran high on both sides

And yet,a lot more is lost
than the actual gain..
For the trust they had in us
That we will always relieve their pain
To show compassion (at its best in a person)
Has reached a fault line….

Like all days.this one also passed away
To give a rest to the my mind most cursed
I turn on the radio
‘So you voted the profession you hate the most
And today with flying colors, doctors ace’
Yanked out the switch ,some rest I got

People tend to have a memory very short
and all the past sacrifices will be forgot
So for only today’s deeds
“What we sow,we get it back again”
(and yes I am forcing the last line to rhyme)
Wow,now that is so HUMANE

By Syeda Maham Nayyer


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