A Wild Goose Chase


Disclaimer:Yours truly is about to narrate a true story.So hold on tight.

This might get  crazy.

Le 7-year-old me:

It all started when my cousin offered me to take a look at my uncle’s new pet goose.For some strange reason the bird was kept on the rooftop.I was positively quivering with excitement as I mounted the stairs to meet with our feathered friend. Finally seeing a bataq in flesh

What happened next was not expected(at least I didn’t)

As I came on the mouth of the stairs a wild,foaming beast charged right at us.To complete our horror an  ear splitting quack followed.So the three musketeers threw caution to the winds and ran away screaming on the top of our lungs,skipping five stairs at a time.

Later “angry bird’ was given to the housekeeping maid,Haseena.The next day,Haseena gleefully reported to have a fantastic time feasting on the bird.This event lead me asking only one question:So you can eat a duck then?…ewwwww

Le 16-year-old me:

Time moves rather fast for my taste anyhow when you last left your protagonist she was screaming away like a little girl(actually I was a little girl back then).Now I was in eleventh grade and went to an institute to take tuition.There I met my old friends again.

It was a whole flock of unkempt,dirty geese, waiting to greet me this time.They patrolled the street like kings and queens ,looking scornfully at the passersby.To complete the misery,somehow(I suspect magic is involved here)out of nowhere a puddle materialized on the side of road.All day these ruffians bathed,drank and frolicked in the 7-inch deep hole.What a joy.

Rumor had it that,one of them took a real chunk out of a student’s leg

Then came the moment of truth:Our English teacher told us that a certain lady who lived on the same  street did not approve of the institute.According to her the students disturbed her peace.So in order to take revenge she unleashed the ducks(sorry I mean geese) on the innocent population.

Fact:In some parts of the world,geese are kept to keep off intruders.(may be the evil lady came across this fact somewhere)

Whenever I came within a close proximity of them .I dashed away at least a few meters away,meanwhile the only words that ran through my mind were “Stupid Bird”

Le 18-year me :

Yet again time flew and I landed in my current place : medical college.The college is very artistically designed.This little doctor thought that the entrance was the most beautiful with the huge gates,trees,fountains


I spotted the ghosts of my childhood…Not again.

They were a small party this time.They even had a small pond for themselves.Now by some twist of fate,I got to spy on the enemy.As I waited for my car everyday,I watched therm with the corner of my eye registering their every movement,half expecting them to pounce on me any day.But (to my utter disappointment)they never attacked.actually the threesome were quite graceful,the tallest bird evidently the leader.They marched purposefully around(under my suspicious gaze of course)

One day the strangest of things happened

One of the trio was missing.I thought ‘may be it is sleeping in late’.Next day day dawned again with the missing geese.Now I was worried but would not admit.Later I learned  that the bird got eaten(this time by a watchdog).Poor bird.It was quite a heart breaking scene to see the remaining two waddle around forlornly.

And at this point of time I realized: I have actually come to respect this bird.It is not stupid (as I once relished calling it in my head) actually it is quite clever.

Moral of the story:

What I learned from this episode.You can’t judge someone or something on single bad experience from  past.Prejudice takes you nowhere.

Current scenario:

Not only have I come to appreciate geese but also curse Haseena for eating the bird…(That is still disgusting)

P.S A duck has recently joined the lonely two.Yey!!


A Wild Goose Chase

6 thoughts on “A Wild Goose Chase

  1. Don’t feel too sorry for them. They will chase after you one day. Their bite is rather painful, but mostly they scare you half to death since they look so benign and lovely. Entertaining and funny story! 🙂

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