poem 1

Let’s eat up all the hurts
to vomit out put up appearances.
and hold that pixie dust
and smear it on our chests.

Whether its the stars
or them fucking moons
or that fiery mars.
There’s method to their madness,
a slippery,cosmic dance.

How disgustingly,
we take pride in ourselves,
parading around
in them still raw scars.

whether its prayer or curses
or cocaine.
we are already doomed.
So whatever rows your boat.
Whatever takes away the pain.

-Syeda Maham Nayyer

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Sunday Short : Neelum


Stained glass plays tricks on eyes.Neelum stares at them.

‘Pretty isn’t it.Ahmer do you know people emit colors too..As Auras’

‘They say you see auras’

‘Word travels fast here’

‘Small town perks; I guess .Is it true then?’

‘Yes. It’s rare’

I couldn’t believe when Neelum accepted my invitation today. A strange newcomer in this boring old town. Psychic or not, she’s beautiful.

‘Abilities and circumstances color your halo.Green: healers, Yellow: leaders, Indigo: psychics
‘Read mine – Careful!’

Chunni enters fumbling with the tray. Such peony hands.Yesterdays’s beating has smartened her up though.

Neelum stands.

‘Grey: abused.I sense it a lot around your house’

Sunday Short : Neelum

Feminism and the Modern Khatoon

I hate it when people say that Feminism is not the hill they want to die upon or when Bollywood actresses leave no stone (read media outlet) unturned to claim that they are not a feminist.Heavens forbid if anyone considers them one other wise.Tauba Tauba!! Their eagerness reminds me of the morbid fascination Amreekan kids have with cooties… Everyone talks about it yet no one wants anything to do with it.Did you say Feminism?eewww😂😂😂
Yaar Feminism is a beautiful ideology. Period.Honestly the idea of equality and freedom to choose is liberating at so many levels.. How could you say you do not believe in equality.Do you really need loads of time to figure out how you feel about human rights?

Enter the modern Khatoon who has it really easy (because earlier women paved a road for them and took all the heat in the process) to claim:

 ‘I ain’t no Feminist mama’….

While we at this topic one should accept that unnecessary male bashing and senseless debates over non issues has really​ harmed the XX chromosome containing population’s cause.Ok!So you don’t want a tag?Fine.Dont use it but atleast understand that we all need to understand,solidarity should be a built in reflex and not something that can be left as a choice.

Seriously there should be something similar along the lines of the Bro Code.A Zanani Code may be?What do you think? 😂

Feminism and the Modern Khatoon

Haminasto – Of Khusro,Kashmir and Katrina

Gar Firdaus, barooye zameen ast
Haminasto, Haminasto
Meri jaan rooh dil se wabast
Haminasto, Haminasto.. 

Being a poet has to be the best and worst thing in this world.You will find joy and beauty everywhere.Whether its a flower,person,mountain or a beautiful person with a flower on a mountain.Just as it makes one ecstatic for no reason  it also makes you melancholic for things you never had or sigh for people you will never know.This pesky itch will make you yearn for the unattainable.Forget people,a beautiful place alone can drive you to insanity.Are you dismissing this as BS?Lets rewind time and join Amir Khusro on his travel to Kashmir.Shayir tha na tou kashmir dekh kar dewana hogaya! The sheer beauty of Kashmir makes Amir Khusro exclaim:

” if there is paradise on this earth somewhere,
here it is, here it is.
inhabited by my life, my soul and my heart,
this is the place, here it is.”

He ends up penning a poem in Persian cause that is how he rolled.This piece survives the burn of centuries and by the twist of fate ends up on the table of the film makers of ‘Fitoor’.


Whoever named this gorgeous monstrosity Fitoor needs an Oscar because this movie is a fitoor.Fitoor means Mania and the whole theme of the movie revolves around the mania or obsession of the protagonist around Firdaus. And Firdaus means Jannat. His jannat  .The heaven on Earth.His mania.His Haminasto.

It can be safely said that when Mr Charles Dickens drew up Estella over his evening wine she was a merely a selfish piece of shit and nothing beyond that. That was that…But here comes our Firdaus! The Heaven on Earth. The heaven Amir Khusro exclaimed about.She IS Kashmir.The beautiful mystery who has virtually no control over her fate.Sadly trapped between the Mania of others.The fitoor of others.

khaamosh darakhton ke saaye
ye khauf hai soya saa
kuch khoya khoya humne bhi
ye chehra hai roya saa

even the shadows of trees are silent here,
it’s a sleeping fear here..
I also have lost something,
this face is as if it has cried..

We will come back to Firdaus in a while but first lets look at this beautiful couplet.Why? Cause meri marzi. This piece seems to be lamenting over the loss of a loved one,granting this line a very personal aspect.A personal aspect of Kashmir too may be? where it laments for all the losses it has faced over the years. Who knows what the lyricist wants to convey here…but whatever it is we have to agree that it takes a very tortured and  beautiful mind to come up with a song like this.Like we saw earlier how it takes a little few minutes to enjoy a page of poetry and a lifetime of being lonely and misunderstood to produce one.

Despite what you think about this project,one has to admit that some very rare and special people made fitoor.Yes,agreed that it failed with the masses and box office but may be it wasn’t made to appease them.It was this team’s tribute to Kashmir.To Firdaus,the heaven on Earth.

wallpaperdx celebrity
One example of their sheer brilliance has to be the casting of Katina Kaif as Firdaus (even  though the film could not do wonders for her career which is sad).
She perfectly embodies the enigma that is Estella. In fact she IS Estella.The Ice Queen.The Mysterious.The Wonderful.The Beautiful

Ah I can write on this movie for days and days but the life outside the domain of Cinema calls me .Arahi hun bhuiyyee. So till next time world.Will see you Haminasto.


Haminasto – Of Khusro,Kashmir and Katrina



Light years away
Stars dance today,
and bleed their hearts out.
Galaxies go green with glaze..
Iced by tears
Saltiest to date.

Look at these grazes,
scratches lodged under high strung veils.
Is it just the snow?
Or things have gone cold as a whole?
Thoughts like these
should remain celibate as coal.
None too important
Just a syntax in the fabric of time flow.

Planets transition and retrograde
this too is just a phase..
So let this circus of happenings..
Branch out.
Till you fade….

Till I fade…

– Syeda Maham Nayyer